Real Estate

A sample of services provided by TOASE attorneys include preparation and or review of the following:

Contracts of sale and a notice and bidding requirements for sale of City-owned real property
Title commitments and title policies
Lease agreements relating to both developed and undeveloped property
ROW Management Ordinances
Cable Television Franchise Agreements
Electric and Gas Franchise Agreements
Easement and Encroachment Agreements
Cellular Communication Tower Leases and Agreements
Distributed Antenna System Agreements
Eminent domain actions on behalf of municipalities to condemn real property for public purposes
Tree Preservation Ordinances
Sign Ordinances
Multiple-user Property Use Agreements for Shared Public Facilities
Economic Development Projects
Oil and Gas Mineral Leases, Surface Use Agreements and Pipeline License Agreements
Property Development Agreements
TOASE has handled a number of multi-million dollar development projects involving both public and private developments